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The spam bucket is a great place to go looking for net ugliness. And when you’re in this business, that’s business as usual. Here’s a new one:

Today we checked out a spam email contained random letters and characters and a link in the middle of the body:


OK, we’ll bite (don’t try this at home.) We’ll see what is selling:

The link leads to a web site (domain registered June 10, address information withheld) that tries to look like a television station web page featuring the “Clearwater Job Report,” clearly drawing on the fact that I’m coming at it from Clearwater Florida.

“Work At Home Mom Makes $8,795/Month Part-Time” is the headline they want you to see.


Coupla problems with the page though:

— There’s no “Daily News 7” around here
— The links on the top of the page (“Sign in” etc.) aren’t links, they’re just text.)


And the best one: The weather box:

Work-at-home weather

A high temperature in the 60s this time of year in Florida? Riiiiiiiight!

Here’s the real forecast from how about highs the 90s:


The MoneyMakerMother page has lots of testimonials and a form for you to fill out to get your “FREE STARTER KIT.” You “Only Pay The $9.95 S&H Fee!”

So, somebody’s making $9.95 selling shipping and handling to suckers. They’ll do direct deposit too, so, you can give them your bank account information.


Tom Kelchner