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Without wanting to turn into this guy, it’s fair to say that World Cup scams are underway. A friend of mine contacted me in relation to an Email that dropped into his mailbox – good job he did.

VISA Brazil are running a number of promotions that involve picking up “travel points” every time you use their cards with the ultimate aim of winning a trip to the World Cup. Of course, this has “phish target” written all over it – enough that the official site pops a warning message that I can share with you thanks to the wonders of Google Translate:

“Visa will never ask the full number of your card and bank details or send direct links in mail and promotional campaigns.”

Good advice. Anyway, this is the site his email was directing him to:

fake phishing site

The site is located at visaevocenacopa2010(dot)110mb(dot)com, and as you can see it asks for various bits and pieces of personal information along with the all important card details. Seeing a fake “You have been registered” message appear onscreen isn’t going to be much consolation when the phisher is going into extra time with your card details, so please take care.

Christopher Boyd