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As we were trolling the ugly underbelly of the Web for the latest in malicious gimmickry we couldn’t help but notice the “membership plan” shell game played on a site devoted to helping men find “lonely housewives” to apparently add joy to their empty lives.

The plan prices didn’t seem to add up.

Under each per-month price is a grayed out line that says “Billed at____ USD”

$5.99 x 12 = $71.88 not $107.82

$9.99 x 3 = 29.97, not $39.96

BUT $18.99 x 1 DOES INDEED EQUAL $18.99

Watch Payment2

Multiplication shouldn’t be beyond the ability of the average guy looking for lonely housewives to fulfill.

In rural areas, sensible drivers are especially alert in deer rutting season (November and December). At that time of year bucks insanely dash across the highway (and into vehicles) in pursuit of the deer equivalent of lonely housewives. They don’t think, they just go! The folks running this site apparently are banking on the same hormone-driven behavior in their human visitors.

It’s apparently nothing new. The site has been around for four years.

Tom Kelchner