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The internets are buzzing — pictures of an allegedly naked Rihanna were posted on Friday.

Inevitably, the curious or libidinous will search for these pictures. And they just might find a few suprises.

Right now, if you search for “rihanna nude” on Google, you might get some odd results.

The third search result is a page on Microsoft’s Technet, pushing malware. And just further down, is another link which leads to malware.


Here’s how the page looks (this has already been reported and should be gone soon):


Which when clicked, leads to a celebsxx net, a malware site pushing a malicious fake codec.


Further down, a seperate search result leads to a page at, with a similar fake video image, which when clicked leads to another malicious fake codec site, fonblog net.



The malware campaign itself is nothing special. Just a fake user profile, with a simple animated gif linking to a malware site.


Same type of thing happening with Malin Ackerman (female star of the Watchmen).



…and plenty of other celebrities. A search of the Uvouch site itself is telling. The top results here all point to similar malware links (Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, Tila Tequila, and so on):


So, no big surprises here. A spicy subject. Sex. Not-so-perfectly secured social networking environments. The result? Boattloads of people getting infected.

Alex Eckelberry