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EstDomains termination… stayed

Well, this is really frustrating. As DNW says it:Domain registrar EstDomains might remain an accredited domain registrar after all.Yesterday Domain Name Wire reported that EstDomains received a notice of termination from Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and...

Another Sunbelter blog: TrueBlood

IMHO, TrueBlood is one of the best shows on cable, and we have a small but growing fanatic following of the show here. Sunbelters Kara, Kendra and Alanna keep a blog up on the show. You can subscribe to it at Eckelberry

Murder of Stopzilla exec

A tragic story: Jessica (“Jess”) Kalish, an executive at IS3 (makers of the Stopzilla antispyware program) was found brutally murdered last Thursday. Police now allege that Carol Anne Burger, a Huffington Post writer from whom Jess was working through a divorce,...

New rogue: Win Defender 2009

Win Defender 2009 is a clone of Total Secure 2009 rogue security application. This rogue belongs to IEDefender family.Win Defender 2009 Home page200.63.45.55 Windefender-2009. com200.63.45.55 Windefender2009. comBharath M N