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Oh dear, that whole Royal Wedding thing is attracting internet weirdness.

I’ll list a few of the newest examples here, and update this post with any further ones we come across.

Straight off the bat, we walk into “dubious Youtube video central” with some of these:

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Good old Wills and Kate, contributing to the sale of iPads everywhere. At least they would be, if all of the linked sites were actually online. Even better, one video actually presents us with this guy:

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You couldn’t make it up.

Elsewhere we have video footage of the wedding, which is pretty impressive considering it hasn’t actually taken place yet.

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All you get for your troubles and your clickthroughs is someone asking you to buy something.

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Thanks for that, free video from the future guy!

As we’ve already seen, Fake AV is going to be a feature of this one and we’ll probably see some malware related fun and games further down the line. If you’re at all interested in royalty, weddings and people having lots and lots of money then please be careful when hunting for commemorative plates and bunting or whatever.

Christopher Boyd