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Alert reader Joe Fernandez over at the MalwareUp forum ( sent us a tip on this one. He was checking out the scripting in a rogue security product and found a little note to the guys at ESET anti-virus company (which makes ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 referred to below):

ESET note

ESET note2



Eset, Star Wars, and rogues ....

I just got a note from Steven Burn with the Ur I.T. Mate Group in the UK

His group found this little “message” in a script in a rogue as well:

/*hello nod32 guys; the force is strong with u, young Padawans, but u won’t defeat us; any resistance is futile;/

Blog post about it here.

Ur I.T. Mate Group is the name given to a collection of websites developed and maintained by Steven Burn.

Tom Kelchner