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Workshops: Last week, I was up in Cambridge for the Antispwyare Coalition Public Workshop in Boston, held at Harvard Law School. I moderated a panel on “New Market Trends in Responding to Spyware”. A quick rundown of the panel is on the StopBadware blog.


(Credit to Paperghost for the pic).

There’s video coverage of this workshop, here. If you want to see my panel, click here (I know, sorry, it’s Real Player).

The laptop controlling the presentations was having fits, and the lectern had a fixed microphone positioned that was rather difficult for me (so I’m stooped over for much of the time). However, we managed and it was a mildly interesting presentation — if you’re interested in this subject. If you’re not into in this type of stuff, use it to go to sleep. It will work just fine for that.

There were a number of other panels. One of the most interesting presentations was by Paperghost (Chris Boyd), on Internationalization of Spyware. You can view it here, at about the 1:54 mark. As someone concerned with public policy, I also found the Public Policy discussions interesting, but if you’re not into that, well, you can use that to get your kids to sleep.

Dinner with Julie: I also took the opportunity to have dinner with Julie Amero and a number of her supporters.


The people in this picture are (left to right) standing:

Chad Loeven of Sunbelt, Paperghost (Chris Boyd), Joe Scalia, Ari Schwartz (CDT), Eric Howes of Sunbelt, Alissa Cooper (CDT), and Eric Davis of Google. Seated: Herb Horner, me, Julie, Wes, and Judy and Chip Neville.

All of these people played a role in helping Julie with her case and I’m truly grateful for their help (there’s still the specter of a new trial, so it’s not all over yet).

Julie got me a wonderful gift of a crystal star, which I thank her for profusely. Unfortunately, the photographer got me just as I was blinking — despite my obvious resemblance, I’m not trying to be Cool Hand Luke here.


All in all, a very pleasant trip.

Alex Eckelberry