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Good God! A 419 scam email from someone in grade school!

From: FBI AGENT []
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 7:34 AM
Subject: FBI AGENT

Hello honest people………

We got your contact from our Microsoft data-base system. This is to inform you all that have lost money to Scammers in Africa, Europe and USA. We hear by inform you there is quick opportunity for you mostly on lottery. My name is FBI brad Martins I assure you am doing all I can to get your lost money back in 2 days . I know what scam means. I work with the global scam Fither in CA 93535.we have all the global scam computer to trace all Scammers Name and location. Reply back to us. We just caught a scammer now, and we found some money with him, we are returning it back to those involves. This mean your money will be refund back to you.Get back to the FBI through this email for immediate response

Thanks Larry.

Tom Kelchner