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Jimmy Daniels has done an interview with a former 180solutions employee. Everyone should check it out. click here

    Jimmy: Being on the technical side of it, I would imagine you’ve had to uninstall 180 many times from family and friends pc’s, as I have. Got any good stories there?

    ex180: Uninstalls? Yeah. I’ve taken it off my neighbors computer a couple times He has three girls and it finally got so bad that I rebuilt his laptop and installed vmware, then decreed that he was the only person in the house allowed to use the computer without starting vmware first and surfing from it. He backed it up and has been happy ever since. I remember my first embarrassing experience was my fifth day at the company… I got a call from a non-technical co-worker at my previous job to help her uninstall n-case. She knew who I went to work for and it was before the uninstallation stuff was so widely available on the web. That was humiliating… I was like, “wow… people warned me about this place before I came and here’s so-and-so needing help to get this crap off her machine”. Ouch.

Eric Sites
VP of Research & Development
Sunbelt Software