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Here at Sunbelt we come across a lot of personal information stolen by keyloggers, trojans that go after your protected storage data, and phishing scams. So what do the bad guys do and know about your bank account when they have that information?

Here is a conversation we came across while doing malware research that everyone should know about:

Barclays Question

I have some questions regarding Barclays bank drop cashing, hope everyone can help.

1. Is it true that it requires one business day(next day)to complete the transfer if I do online transfer to another Barclays drop? Or will it do instantly like Boa and Wells Fargo?

2. Is it ok if I use a personal Barclays drop and cashout 10k+ balance from a business login? Or do I need business Barclays drop in this case?

3. In term of risk, is there any different between cashing 2k and 10k from the bank? I mean is there any requirement if I cash large sum of money compare with small amount cashing?

Thanks in advance.

Yep it takes 1 Working Day for the Transfer to be Cleared. if you do it befor 6pm on a working day it will be in the account nextday. if you do the transfer after 6pm it will take 2days to clear. hope that helps

You need to know barclays limit is xxxxxxx[amount removed] pounds.

if you go over this amount the bank will phone and u must have full info of login to cash it and answer the bank.

xxxxxx[amount removed] limit is for personal account if I’m not mistaken, what if I use business account and transfer more than xxxxxx[amount removed], will they still call for verification?

yes they will call even if its business and if you go over the limit.

you need a full info login

yes they will call even if its business and if you go over the limit.

U mean xxxxxx[amount removed] limit? Even I use business and transfer more than xxxxxx[amount removed] they still call? Do I need to change the phone number since they’ll call the phone number registered on the file?

Of course, we wouldn’t want the account holder verifying shit now do we

xxxxxx[amount removed] is limit do about xxxxxx[amount removed] change the phone on the login what i do is change the mobile to my mobile and the house or landline i delete 2 number and add 2 so the number is invalid so bank calls mobile.


I think what u’re trying to say is that cash it b4 12.00pm second day so even they call later and the money has already been cashout. But aren’t that they won’t add the transfer to your drop before the any verification is confirmed?


Eric Sites
VP of Research & Development
Sunbelt Software