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There has been an explosion of rogue security products with different names in the last year – which is clearly an attempt to avoid detection by the rogue peddlers. Now the names of LEGITIMATE companies’  LEGITIMATE products are getting mixed up with the names of rogues. Case in point: “Antivirus 2010.”

The REAL security product (came out at least in early 2010):

AV 2010

Info here:

The rogue (put in detections April 7):

Rogue AV 2010

More info on Sunbelt Rogue Blog here.

To be sure, the rogue distributors are probably pleased by this confusion.

Tip to consumers: ALWAYS purchase security products from company web sites AFTER you do some research. NEVER purchase them from spam email or when you get an alarming pop-up window on your computer giving you dire warnings that you are infected.

For further guidance see our white paper: “How to Tell If That Pop-Up Window Is Offering You a Rogue Anti-Malware Product” here.

Thanks Trip.

Tom Kelchner