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So I came back from lunch yesterday and found Robert LaFollette (our creative director and a favorite of this blog) walking around the office barefeet.  Surprised, I asked him what had happened to his shoes.  Well, it turns out he got a bit wet on his lunch break.

He had gone out to drop by the Clearwater Marine aquarium to handle some paperwork from a photo shoot he’d done (this is a small aquarium that does a tremendous amount of local environmental work — all on a volunteer basis). 

Unexpectedly, he found himself in the middle of a turtle release — and this was a big deal, with news cameras, etc.  Since the aquarium people knew him, he was invited to come along and photograph the event.  He found himself in the back of a pickup truck, sitting next to a very, very large female loggerhead turtle.

The turtle was driven down to the beach and released, and it was all quite dramatic. 

You can read his blog post about it here and see his photos of the event here.

Never a dull moment.

Alex Eckelberry