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F-Secure writes:

“Looks like the Mac Trojan we posted about last week was not an isolated incident. The gang behind it seems serious about targeting Mac users as well as Windows users. And they keep putting out slightly modified versions of the trojan for the Mac too.”


Also, malware researchers: You may be able to find the DNS Changer Trojan by going to a DNS changer codec site, and using “.dmg” as your file extension instead of “.exe”. As an example, vivacodec(dot)net/download/vivacodec1000.exe downloads the Windows trojan. But going to vivacodec(dot)net/download/vivacodec1000.dmg brings down the Mac binary. Remember to set your user agent to look like a Mac. (Obviously, don’t download these binaries unless you know what you’re doing.)

Alex Eckelberry
(Hat tip to Bharath)