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Not the first time I’ve noticed this — IE 7 is really behind on tagging phish. It’s a real shame, too — I know people on the IE team, and I know they mean well and work hard. But something’s not working right in the system. And IE 7 certainly needs the protection with the amount of users running it.

Same phish, at the same time:



And in IE 7, if you want to report a web forgery, you have to go through a two-step process and an incredibly painful CAPTCHA (which even I stumble over when trying to enter):


I know why Microsoft is slower than Firefox in tagging websites — they have to be more careful with showing a site as bad with the market share they have. But I believe that a few false positives is well worth the benefits of saving people from phishing and fraudulent websites.

Microsoft — Go for it. Be aggressive.

(And yes, I know this is a completely unscientific observation.)

Alex Eckelberry