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Dave Morgan makes an interesting post on Online Media Daily.

It’s pro the Grokster ruling (but he has an interesting viewpoint as to why). 

One example:

“File-sharing services have inflicted harm for money. While most of the attention file-sharing services have garnered focused on how they helped consumers bypass the out-dated business models of the recording industry, little attention has been paid to their involvement in the development and growth of the spyware and adware industries. For those that may not have been aware of this, a majority of the spyware and adware downloads that have occurred over the past several years were “bundled” with file-sharing software and with virtually no awareness on the part of the consumer. For this, the file-sharing services have received tens of millions of dollars. File-sharing services are not Don Quixotes, they have been making lots of money. As a result of their efforts, we have tens of millions of spyware applications infecting computers and dozens of bills in Congress and state houses trying to remedy the file-sharing caused spyware problem. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that the leading anti-spyware bill in Congress was sponsored by Sonny Bono’s widow? “

Alex Eckelberry