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Anykindmp3 com advertises free music. Instead, what you’re going to get is a trojan downloader that installs Virusheat.

This is an extremely dangerous site, because it’s so innocuous, luring people in with “free MP3s”. Expect users to get infected by typing in various keywords to search engines. I expect to get a video up tomorrow showing some other things about this site.

The following screen is what you’ll see if a download is accessed through Google:


(The site itself will give a fake error code if you just go to the main page itself):


There are a number of different areas of the site, like these. Everything looks completely legitimate:



Trojan distributors are becoming more and more clever in their methods of propagation. To experts, the problems with this site are obvious (why is it free? and why is an executable?). To non experienced users, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I hope all search engine companies place warnings around this site or blacklist it as soon as possible, as SEO will be the major method of promotion.

Alex Eckelberry

(Update: Anykindmp3s is the new name of the bad site.)