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Chinesepeac2134882348Jumper over at the Dark Visitor (a blog which focuses almost excluslively on Chinese hackers) takes issue with Bruce Schneier’s article, The Truth about Chinese Hackers.

In response to Bruce’s claim that “the hackers are in this for two reasons: fame and glory, and an attempt to make a living”, Jumper responds by saying:

“This is very short sighted. We should be honest here, neither Bruce Schneier nor Heike and I know with absolute certainty what Chinese hackers are doing, who is coordinating them and who might be paying them. Maybe the article shouldn’t be titled “The Truth About Chinese Hacker” because Bruce doesn’t know what the truth is (Heike would have said that he couldn’t handle the truth either, but that’s not my style).

I think a lot of people assume that activity attributed to the PRC is simply based on the IP address. After studying spear phishing attacks, custom malware attacks and the types of data that have been exfiltrated from various NGO targets it seems likely that some entity is coordinating the collection and exploitation of this information. In my humble opinion, there may be more to this than WoW passwords.”

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry