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I spent most of last week in the UK to do the launch of the UK VIPRE, and this week, was a presenter at the Florida Venture Capital Conference.

Now back in Tampa, and the weather is expected to hit 28° Fahrenheit tonight (-2° Celsius).  Now, all your cold-weather northerners will be saying the usual: “Hah! You [insert pejorative] Floridians complain when it’s a balmy 28°, but up here, I just had to shovel [insert large integer here] feet of snow.”

I know, I know, we’re all wimps.  It’s just that… we don’t have any cold-weather clothes, and we don’t have normal heaters (instead, heat-exchangers), so to my friends at F-Secure, while you’re merrily skiing to work, we’ll be shivering underneath the palm trees.

Pity us.

Alex Eckelberry