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It seems there’s a couple of trojans doing the rounds that are using a (semi) cunning disguise:

Cunning disguise

isn’t going to be new to you but I guarantee you’ll have a relative who hasn’t heard of that one before. It’s always worth a mention to a less computer savvy individual! This is (of course) a case where the executable has been renamed to look like it’s a .txt file, when in reality the file is play.txt.exe. Should the end-user download and double click one of the infection files, they’ll have infected themselves.

told a number of websites hosting these files have been taken down in the last hour or two, but I imagine they’ll be back soon enough.

Better go warn granny…

Christopher Boyd

/ Update – to be clear, these files are executables using the double extension trick, where an attacker renames an executable like so:  filename.txt.exe. The file is still an executable, however the creator is hoping the end-user will only see the .txt extension. I’m also having some problems updating this post – as you can see, half the text is missing and refuses to go back in. I haven’t had a glitch for some time, but they come for everyone eventually…