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Beta tests are always popular with gamers, and it seems some unscrupulous individuals are stepping up their campaign to make some easy money. A site called gamertestingground(dot)com has been the subject of complaints for some time now – see an overview why you’re NOT going to make a fortune from testing videogames in an article from 2008 and Web of Trust / Siteadvisor feedback.

testing, testing...
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“$150 a day”? Oh ho ho ha ha etc.

You can forget about the soda, too.

The website hits you around the head with about six miles of text, only to ask for cash without revealing what you’re paying for (starting at $34.95 and working up to $44.95):

pay up

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I particularly like the fake “three day sale”, which always puts the expiry date to today:

fake expiry
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Check Google Cache, whatever date the cache snapshot is taken will be the expiry date of the “3 day sale”.

So what are they up to now, I hear you ask. Well, it seems someone had the bright idea to register as a (fake) member of staff on a major videogaming website ( then send the following spam by direct message to random users:

Lies, all lies
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For quite a while, some of us have been making a living from playing games, and it’s quite a shock to see this go so mainstream. Now is the time to act if you want to BETA test video games full or part time and get paid. Anyone, from any country, can do it, even if you’re under 18. Also, don’t worry about going to work as all the games will be shipped to your house, free of charge. members will get a 75% discount for a limited time so click this link [deleted] to sign up with our newest partner and start getting paid today!

Mike Sawyer Staff

Pretending to be a member of staff is bad enough, but one specific line of texts suggests they may be getting desperate to sign people up:

“Anyone, from any country, can do it, even if you’re under 18”

The website promoting videogame testing says you have to be 18 or over. Shenanigans!

It goes without saying that you should avoid any dubious messages on forums promising you lots of money (and soda), because it seems all you’ll get for your trouble is “links to job search sites(most of which you still have to pay for) and links to the career pages on game developer sites. A simple google search can help you find both, no need paying $35 for it.”

You said it.

Christopher Boyd