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Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, boosted by $100 million in marketing, quickly grabbed a 16 percent market share and is second to Google now (at 71 percent).

And the joke has started:

Q: “What does ‘Bing’ stand for?”
A: “But It’s Not Google.”

(We think that can be credited to the long-running blog (Jan. 2002) of author Seth Godin.

Playing on the rivalry, somebody at a company that lists an address in Zagreb, Croatia, has put up an interesting site: Bing Vs. Google ( )

The site offers an edit box for your search term, then shows the results of the two search engines side-by-side. Cute.

According to WHOIS, the domain was registered June 1:
Web-ideja d.o.o.
Sigetje 4
Zagreb, 10090


Tom Kelchner