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(Zlob is a fake “codec” that is a scourge on the Internet right now. There are different variants, and also some fake codecs are Trojan DNS changers. They are always marketed as “something you have to install to see a movie” or a “picture”. I’m not sure which variant is being referred to here, but the post is quite interesting.)

Making Only Teh BEst Softwares on internets:

Hello Mark
My name in Anthony and I am project manager for the team, who created this software.
First of all, noone is hiding. That’s why I am here. I will be glad to explain everything and make some changes to our software.
Lets start with EULA. Ok, we will modify it and provide clear and detailed disclosure about what software does and how to uninstall it. Then, we will modify the uninstaller and make it much simpler and easier. Everything will be removable from Add/Remove Programs in Windows.
As for multiple domain names, believe me, we do not own ALL of domain names listed in this topic. They are usually associated with us by mistake. Yes, we do change our links, but this is something we have to do. There are multiple reasons for that. As an example, I can say that sometimes our adware products are used by our affiliates in unfair tactics such as exploits and stuff. We strongly prohibit this and we block any webmaster’s account found breaking our rules. However we can not predict everything and sometimes we have to deal with dumb webmasters that simply cause us some troubles. That is why we have to change our domains and kill old ones with traffic on them, and believe me, this is not something we like to do. Same thing about modifying files. We have to do this for multiple reasons too.
I will ask our team webmaster to create a website with information about our product and we will use that name.

Hope this helps.
I will update you in 1-2 days about changes made.

Thanks for your attention.

Link here. Full forum discussion here.

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Suzi and Mark)

Update: Francesco points out to me that it’s not the first time a zlob person has posted. Link here.

Update #2: I got the following message from a Castlecops member: “From what I understand it is the developer of Video Activex Access/Object, and not connected with the fakecodec/dnschanger people or the KLIK gang (newmediacodec).”