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Bits and pieces of popular culture will always be a target for scams, and we’ve already seen more than our fair share of Black Ops shenaningans; fake keygens / cracks back in November, and a curious tale from January of how gamers broke into a radiology server to play some rounds while apparently failing to touch the mass of personal info sitting on the compromised box.

February is almost upon us, and that means a new target enters the crosshairs – the Black Ops map pack downloadable content is available for all ($15 / £10 to you, guv’nor with a nifty Youtube preview to make you wave your wallet) and this means scammers are out in force.

fake programs ahoy
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more fake programs
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Amazingly, this is also a fake program
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There's a theme developing here...
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As with almost every scam these days, they just want to pop a survey and make some affiliate cash. At best, a dummy file is hiding behind the survey; at worst, you’ll end up with a nasty infection stomping up and down on your hard drive.

Survey time. Hooray.
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Survey popping scams seem to be as popular as ever, which probably means a good chunk of people are still filling the things in then wondering why “dubiouswormthing.exe” causes their hard drive to melt.

Don’t be one of those melty hard drive people.

Christopher Boyd