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Wow, this reeks to high heaven. There’s lots of BMW dealerships out there in Southern California. Go to one which does not have an absurd policy of demanding a thumbprint in order to buy a car (like this South Bay BMW and Mini outfit). The dealership is apparently owned by Hitchcock Automotive Resources — ironically, the subject of a Cisco White Paper.

Imagine you’ve gone through a multiple week process to purchase an automobile.

You know the drill. Research every feature, pick your color, then, it’s negotiations for purchase price and for trade-in. Everything is done and agreed-upon, and excited, you are ready to hand over the check and collect your new car.

But wait!

You are handed a slip of paper and told to mark your right thumbprint in a box. The paper says clearly that it’s a request, for your protection, and to prevent your identity theft.

When you politely decline, the dealership refuses to sell you the car.

This is precisely what happened to me today when I tried to purchase a new X3 at the South Bay BMW dealer in Torrance, California.

Link here.

Truly, what extraordinary audacity on the part of this dealer.

Here’s my advice: Don’t give anyone your thumbprint unless it’s statutorily required.

Alex Eckelberry
(Hat tip)