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It’s a curious observation that the more governments try to control people, the more difficult it becomes. Contrast that with the observation that the more you treat people like intelligent human beings, the more they start acting like it (it’s my belief that if you treat people like children, you’ll not get your desired effect).

At any rate, in Britain’s inexorable march to apparently follow in the path described by one of its most brilliant writers (Orwell), they have put cameras virtually everywhere.

And now they’re using cameras to spy on people’s trash-binning habits.

Householders in a seaside town have been told to put their bins out at the front of their homes and not in an alleyway to the rear.

They must also leave their rubbish out between set times to ensure it does not attract pests or miss the dust cart.

To enforce the new rules, a camera will be placed in a rubbish bag and left in an alleyway to blend in with the surroundings to catch offenders. Those filmed breaking the rules will be given a ticking off.

Repeat offenders could be handed a fixed penalty notice or even be taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

The tiny covert camera, which has cost Weymouth and Portland Council, Dorset, up to £10,000, will also help catch householders who put their rubbish out too early or too late…They will only be allowed to put out their rubbish between 8pm and 6am the night before collection and it will have to be at the front of their homes.

Do you think the citizens of this town might find this a bit insulting?

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry