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Asis Internet Services, a Garberville, Calif., ISP with only 1,000 customers has been awarded nearly $2.6 million by a federal judge in an action brought under the CAN-SPAM act. The judge ruled that defendant Edward Heckerson had violated the act for sending 24,724 spam emails to Asis customers advertising a business called Find a Quote.

Judge Elizabeth Laporte of the U.S. District Court in Northern California granted Asis’ motion for summary judgment and awarded damages of $865,340, then tripled them to $2,596,000, because Find a Quote spammers had employed automatic scripts.

Court order here.

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It seems like an attempt to bail out the ocean with a teacup, but it’s a good thing. The vast amount of spam comes from botnets, however, there are still spammers out there who can be reached by a legal action.

Tom Kelchner