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The bureaucratic  monolith of the Department of Homeland Security (this is an organization larger than even a superstar manager like Jack Welch could manage), put on training exercise back in February, dubbed Cyber Storm:  

The results? The AP says an internal agency document shows the simulated attacks bombed or otherwise infiltrated computer servers, crashing the Federal Aviation Administration’s control system, defacing newspaper Web sites and threatening power outages. Apparently the defenders had trouble recognizing coordinated assaults and even more trouble coordinating their responses among dozens of agencies and entities who had yet to be formally introduced. 

Link here.

No wonder this agency hasn’t been able to keep a cyber security czar around. 

(To be fair, this is the kind of stuff you find when you do such exercises.  My beef is with the idiocy of joining together a vast army of different agencies under one wing — and then expect it all to work right, whether in a hurricane or a cyber attack).


Alex Eckelberry