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Normally from a group associated with running haxdoor monstrosities, we see this opportunity to be a mule.

Your task as a Smart Transfer manager will consist in transferring payments from one of our clients to another.

Due to the fact that our company works in securities market, we constantly buy and sell payments, so you will work with this money. Also there will be tasks to receive charity money from our donators worldwide and resend them to our HQ for future resending.

 Your profit depends on how fast money circulates in the world transaction system. You have nothing to loose while doing this one-click job. Just check your email for a message from us with information about wire transfer to your checking account and instructions what to do with it. The faster you send the money further, the higher numbers of transfers to process you get. No office work, no need in special financial skills, flexible timetable. You choose work time yourself. 1-2 hours of occupation a day. For each transaction you will get 140$.

  For the first month you should receive about 15 transactions, later, depending on your speed and accuracy you can get more. You will get paid on the 10th day from your first transfer, and after that monthly. We guarantee that you receive at least 15 transfers a month, what makes minimal payment of 2100$.


Registered to Fidel Castro in Havana. Cuba libre!

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Patrick)