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Contrary to popular belief, not all malware is hosted in Eastern Europe or China.

In fact, there’s a whole bucketload of malware hosted in Scranton, PA.

Here are malware domains associated with IP

1-againstspy  net
1-agentprotect  net
1-antispystore  com
1-antspy2008  com
1-mas2009  com
1-myantispy  net
1-myspyguard  com
1-spguard2008  com
1-webspyguard  com
2-againstspy  net
2-agentprotect  net
againstspy  net
agentprotect  net
antispysoft4u  com
antispystore  com
antspy2008  com
anush  biz
bestcontraadwarelive  com
bestcontraadwareonline  com
bestcontraadwarestore  com
bestmachinedefenderonline  com
bestmachinedefenderpro  com
bestmachinedefenderstore  com
bestopposingadwarelive  com
bestopposingadwareonline  com
bestopposingadwarepro  com
bestopposingadwarestore  com
bestserverdefenderlive  com
bestserverdefenderonline  com
bestserverdefenderpro  com
bestserverdefenderstore  com
chaepantispyforpc  com
codei  net
computeralt  net
easycontraadwarelive  com
easycontraadwareonline  com
easycontraadwarestore  com
easymachinedefenderonline  com
easymachinedefenderpro  com
easymachinedefenderstore  com
easyopposingadwarelive  com
easyopposingadwareonline  com
easyopposingadwarepro  com
easyopposingadwarestore  com
easyremoveviruspro  com
easyserverdefenderlive  com
easyserverdefenderonline  com
easyserverdefenderpro  com
easyserverdefenderstore  com
easyversusadwarestore  com
expertalt  com
freeofviruspc  com
is-antispy  com
lava-antispy  com
mas2009  com
medkeep  net
metricshop  net
ms-antispy  com
msantispyware2009  com
myantispy  net
mycontraadwareonline  com
mymachinedefenderpro  com
mymachinedefenderstore  com
mymedstore  net
myopposingadwareonline  com
myopposingadwarestore  com
myprosoftware  net
myserverdefenderlive  com
myserverdefenderonline  com
myserverdefenderstore  com
myspyguard  com
neosoftware  net
neosoftwareonline  net
novirusonpc  com
pc-cleaner2009  com
removevirusonline  com
softwaresky  net
softwarestrike  com
softwaretwo  com
softwareunity  net
spguard2008  com
spyfighterantivir  com
spywaredeletehere  net
spyware-out  com
spywareout2009  com
stopadvaresoft  com
systemstock  net
uploadantispy  com
virusprotectionsoft  com
virussoftwareremoval  com
virustreatmentforpc  com
webmedstore  net
websoftwarecloud  com
webspyguard  com
winspycleaner  com
winsyscleaner  com
yourcontraadwarelive  com
yourcontraadwareonline  com
yourcontraadwarestore  com
yourmachinedefenderpro  com
yourmachinedefenderstore  com
youropposingadwarelive  com
youropposingadwareonline  com
youropposingadwarepro  com
youropposingadwarestore  com
yourserverdefenderlive  com
yourserverdefenderonline  com
yourserverdefenderpro  com
yourserverdefenderstore  com

Quite a list, eh?

[Obviously, please don’t visit these unless you’re some kind of masochist —  or a security researcher (there is little difference between the two, incidentally).]

Alex Eckelberry