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Georgetown professor Carol Quigley, in his extraordinary book Tragedy and Hope (one of the greatest books on modern history you’ll ever find, in my opinion, and a book I highly recommend reading) made the observation that a key part of understanding the British government is that, despite appearances otherwise of convention and practice, it is a nation completely bereft of a constitution.

And that is no more evident in the new talking cameras

I’m so revolted by the notion of camera’s barking at citizens to pick up a misplaced coffee cup or piece of litter that it’s difficult to put my feelings into words.  Nevertheless, Britons have acquiesced, tacitly or otherwise, to this extraordinary intrusion on their privacy.  A once great country that was a beacon of democracy and hope for many countries is now becoming a police state.  Silly histrionics on my part?  Not really.  It’s the simple truth.

Alex Eckelberry
(Hat tip)