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Conventional wisdom by marketing experts is that you’re never supposed to say the word cheap in any association with your products or services.

The ostensible reason is that it degrades the quality aspects of your product, since cheap, as it is sometimes used, may indicate that a product that is low-priced, but of an inferior quality.

Instead, one must use words like “affordable” or “inexpensive”.

This rule has almost become a silly religion. Just for fun, go into a car dealer, look at the price of a car, and remark that it’s “really cheap”. The salesman will immediately bristle and correct you on this, saying, “oh, no, it isn’t cheap, it’s affordable”. Do it — I guarantee you’ll get this reaction.

However, this hasty corrective action by the salesman ignores the simple fact that in the lingua franca of American English, the word “cheap” is how people often refer to quality products that are well-priced. (It also ignores the fact that I was the one referring to the car as cheap, and not in a pejorative fashion. Why any sales or marketing person would be stupid enough to correct a customer is beyond me. I also prefer not to have a salesman tell me how to talk.)

So with that preamble out of the way, I’d like to announce that today we announced a new product that’s, well, dirt cheap. And it’s a basic product, but pretty darned good.

It’s also a product that about about 90% of the people who read this blog could care less about. But I feel compelled to announce new products on this blog, so here it is:

Sunbelt Software today announced the availability of Ninja Disclaimers™, a tool to provide enterprise email disclaimers for Microsoft Exchange-based email systems. The product is aggressively priced at $99.95 for unlimited mailboxes per organization.

So there it is: Our new (incredibly cheap) Ninja Disclaimer product. Good disclaimers for legal, complaince or other purposes. $99 for the whole enterprise, regardless of how many mailboxes are being protected.

Of course, the reason that have made this product so incredibly cheap should be clear: We feel that once people use our Ninja Disclaimer product, they’ll be interested in the rest of our email security line (which is also cheap and darned good).

At any rate, more information on this inexpensive, affordable and cheap product can be found here.

Alex Eckelberry