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If you got some of your early computer experience on a Pet/Vic-20/C64/Amiga, etc., you’ll likely have a passing interest in this story.  

A Dutch consumer media company is hoping it can tap the power of the VIC 20, the PET and the Commodore 64 to launch a new wave of products, including a home media center device and a portable GPS (Global Positioning System) unit and media player.

And then:

The company has said it plans to launch three products at the show. The Commodore MediaBox is an all-in-one home entertainment box with an Internet connection, digital TV tuner and hard drive for playing music downloads, games or on-demand video. The Commodore Navigator is a Windows CE-based portable device with a 20GB hard drive for music and video storage as well as built-in GPS and a 3.6-inch touch screen.

Similar to the old CDTV? .  <nostalgia> Back in the dawn of time, I worked for an Amiga developer (Aegis Development, then Oxxi) and I remember getting a briefing from Gail Wellington (the “mother of the Amiga”) about the CDTV before it was launched—and not long thereafter I went to Quarterdeck. The CDTV was an interesting idea but never sold as wildly as Commodore would have liked.) </nostalgia>

On first glance, it looks to me that they’re basically going to leverage the brand name, but whatever. Others have certainly tried to revive Commodore, and I can only wish them luck. 

Link to the article here.

Oh, and curious about the history of Commodore?  Click here.


Alex Eckelberry