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USA Today’s Byron Acohido is reporting that the Conficker and Taterf worms continue to spread.

Conficker is building a botnet, propagating through network shares and devices that use USB ports.

Taterf, the product of a malware tool kit, is aimed at stealing log-in information from on-line games. The malicious operators sell the log-in information to others who steal compromised gamers’ accounts for virtual goods which can be sold to other gamers.

Standard precautions can prevent the two from infecting machines: running a good anti-malware application and keeping current with updates and patches. Turning off the “autorun” feature in Windows also can stop the propagation through USB ports.

USA Today quoted Sunbelt Chief Technology Officer Eric Sites in the story. He told them “The sad fact is worms and viruses would be wiped out if everyone used best security practices.”

Story here.

Tom Kelchner