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I check my mail cubbie today (something I actually rarely do anymore, what with all these internets having killed the postal service), and find a simple letter.

Inside is a folded napkin and a hotel room key.


The napkin has a note that says, in what appears to be female writing:

Let’s meet…

So I’m thinking of all the times a beautiful woman has sent me a hotel room key with a note on a (perfumed) napkin.


I go to the site, and there’s a door, which I have to open.


And then I’m in some kind of restaurant.


You choose your dinner, and after a while, you see this:


Well, I suppose the whole thing is a bit creepy, especially when out of the blue, I get a follow-up email from some dude.


Creepy? Good marketing?

I suppose a bit of both.

Alex Eckelberry