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One of the biggest issues with fighting malware and other internet crime is cross-border jurisdiction and information sharing.

There was a good push ahead in this area with the recent passage of the US SAFE WEB bill.  From the summary of the bill:

Authorizes the FTC, upon written request, to provide investigative assistance to a foreign law enforcement agency that states it is investigating or enforcing proceedings against violations of laws prohibiting fraudulent or deceptive commercial practices or other practices substantially similar to practices prohibited by laws administered by the FTC, other than federal antitrust laws, without requiring that the conduct identified constitute a violation of U.S. laws. Requires FTC consideration of specified factors in determining whether to provide assistance, including whether the requesting agency has agreed to provide reciprocal assistance to the FTC. Authorizes the FTC to negotiate and conclude an international agreement for providing such assistance, materials, or information. Stipulates that this Act does not authorize the FTC to take any action or exercise any power with respect to a bank, savings and loan institution, or federal credit union. Prohibits FTC investigative assistance to foreign law enforcement agencies from foreign states which repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.

And, CDT link here.

Alex Eckelberry