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Intercage, the reviled ISP that has a fairly repulsive track record of turning a blind eye to hosting of malware, looks like it might finally be going down in flames.

Too soon for massive partying and dancing in the streets, but it’s certainly acceptable to have a little happy dance.

Stay tuned to Brian Krebs’ blog, where he is giving the blow-by-blow. Like this update this morning:

Update, Monday, Sept 8, 12:00 p.m. ET: Todd Braning, vice president of BandCon, just e-mailed me to say that BandCon also has stopped providing connectivity to Atrivo/Intercage. From his e-mail: “Intercage, a new customer, was connected to the BandCon Network for total of about a week. Once we recognized and issue with Intercage, BandCon took immediate action and terminated services. We are no longer providing services to AS27595. This can be confirmed here.”

WVFiber is the only company still providing direct connectivity to Atrivo, and as stated before they plan to pull the plug by Thursday at the latest, so it appears that Atrivo will have to find another network provider or it will very soon cease to be reachable on the Internet.

Brian also just wrote another blog post about Estdomains, where he mentions Sunbelt’s Patrick Jordan’s work in the area of tracking bad websites. Nice work Patrick.

And to Brian: Thank you for your continued hard work in uncovering these issues. Your work is making a difference.

Alex Eckelberry