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A bit of a surprise…(If you’ll recall, the Norwich Bulletin could not have been described as a friend of Julie’s in the past.)

Prosecute, or drop charges
If the New London State’s Attorney’s Office is still sure it has a solid case against Amero, it should present that case at trial and allow Amero’s defense to refute the evidence. If not, then the state has an obligation to drop the charges and allow Amero to get on with her life without this cloud hanging over her.

To do nothing is an injustice.

This case generated worldwide publicity at the time of Amero’s arrest nearly four years ago. It has resulted in hundreds of people coming to her defense, including a cadre of computer experts who claim Amero was the victim, not the perpetrator. The computer experts claim it was the school that was at fault for not providing the computers with the firewall protections against the unseen spyware and adware that caused the images to appear.

The state, meanwhile, maintains it was Amero surfing the Web looking for pornographic material during class, and allowing students to be exposed to it.

It’s time for the state to prove its claims or drop the charges.

Link here, with additional commentary by Rick Green of the Hartford Courant here.

Alex Eckelberry
(And if you’re not familiar with Julie Amero, this search result will give you an idea.)