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The ZiffDavis story on RetroCoder got posted to Slashdot.  Unfortunately, Slashdot referred to the situation us being “sued”, which is incorrect (the Ziff Davis story didn’t say that and neither have we).

I made a post on Slashdot clarifying the situation and interestingly, got a reply from the Spymon fellow (no name on the post).  Here’s what he said:

…I’ve been trying to get this Slashdot article amended – but nobody here is apparently listening – maybe you will have better luck.

Looks like you have a lot of supporters (based on the various death threaths [sic] we have had) and ideally we could come to some sort of compromise where antispy/antivirus software would tell the user that (if its a commercial program) that the “trojan” is a non-destructive commercial program. In return the commercial software could tell the anti-virus software house how to safely delete it and put a marker so it will not return.

Death threats? Nah, no one has to go that far.

Anyway, we ended up having an exchange, which you can view here

Strange day.

Alex Eckelberry