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I’m a bit confused. Network World, a worthy and highly respected IT publication , ran a story this morning with the headline: “Juniper researcher Michael Lynn crashes Cisco party at Black Hat”.

The article goes on to say:

“…Michael Lynn, who now works for Cisco rival Juniper Networks, evaded the security checks Cisco had put in place for the party, which included a name check and legal identification. Lynn and his friends, declaring “Cisco owes us a drink,” gleefully posed in front of a Cisco sign inside the Pure Nightclub.”

Not true, according to Gadi Evron, who was actually went to the party with Michael Lynn. 

We went to the party, registered, said hello to a couple of Cisco employees who knew who each and every one of us was (bouncers), a club bouncer, and entered the party. One of many community fun after-parties that come with these conferences.

So far so good. Cisco was fun and the party was great. Mike spoke with many Cisco guys (no hard feelings on either side, it seems, we’re all in the same industry) and we even got our pictures taken together.

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry