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Ben Edelman has been posting new documents from the New York Attny General’s lawsuit as fast as he can.  There’s much more that’s been posted, including a couple of emails from one of the VC firms that invested in them (here and here).

There’s also a number of references to “WebHelper”, who is actually now our spyware researcher Patrick Jordan (he joined us in July of last year but had been doing consulting work for us several months prior to his coming on board), and we now find he was being researched by a private investigator, as this email from Gary Kibel at Direct Revenue’s law firm shows:


But there’s so much more.

Sit back this weekend, grab a big cup of coffee and read these documents.  They are just unbelievable.  And to those adware “apologists” who read my blog and occasionally post, these exhibits are your homework. 

You’ll understand why we’re all such “zealots”.

Alex Eckelberry