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There are all sorts of ways for dubious characters to generate some cash for themselves – some will offer up fake hacking programs that require you to fill in a survey to download their worthless application, while others will go down the tried and tested method of infecting your PC then popping endless promos and deals that make them affiliate cash.

This one does away with all of that, combining some barefaced cheek with a completely useless website designed to make the end-user click things until their hands fall off. The URL is applehack(dot)webs(dot)com/fbhack

Is this the part where I start to pull out screenshots? You bet:

Facebook Hack website

As you can see, the site claims it’ll hack whatever Facebook account you care to suggest. Simply enter the Username of the victim, hit the Hack button and then…you see the below message, which is possibly the cheekiest piece of fibbing I’ve seen in some time:

how long do you want me to keep clicking these things for

Yes, that really does tell you to wait around for thirty minutes while clicking every advert you can get your hands on. Thanks to some coding which continually loops a fresh advert every time you click (along with a neverending stream of popups outside of the main browser window), you may find your desktop starts to look like somebody gave it one too many energy drinks:

too many adverts
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All those browser windows, and I didn’t even have to install any Adware – how very retro. Anyway, you can rest assured that simply entering a Facebook Username into this site is not going to give you access, so don’t be tempted – you’ll just end up generating lots of money for someone with a cheaply thrown together fakeout.

Christopher Boyd