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Certain to appeal to the marketing wonk, DoubleClick has released a report entitled “The Decade in Online Advertising“.

From the report:

Yet, in this world of hyper-fragmented media and too many marketing messages, consumers are acting to avoid the overload, paying for the unadulterated media they want and investing in technology to strip out unwanted ads, if necessary. Advertisers have to accept that fact not only to be more polite; it’s increasingly a legal requirement. In the past few years, the U.S. Congress, responding to voter outcry, has passed a bevy of policies restricting intrusive marketing practices including telemarketing, fax marketing, email spam and, as of this writing, web “spyware” legislation is making its way through the House and Senate.

Edmond Thomas, chief of technology at the Federal Communications Commission, bluntly warned attendees to an AAAA breakfast this March: “Your challenge is to stop being annoying. You’re almost forcing regulators to get involved.”

I wish the spyware adware guys would get that message.

Alex Eckelberry