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You’d have thought Myspace would have snapped up myspac(dot)com, but it seems to have scampered past them in the night like a small scampery thing that scampers.

The Myspac(dot)com URL will bounce you through a whole bunch of different locations including 1939(dot)com, social-survey-spot(dot)com and socialrewardcenter(dot)com.

When you hit that last one, the “Social Reward Center” tries to make you feel all bad about not taking part in their birthday celebrations.

Did I say “birthday celebrations”? I sure did, because it’s their sixth birthday!

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Hooray! Wouldn’t you feel bad if you didn’t get involved?

The answer, of course, is “no”. It isn’t their birthday unless they have one every day as their site seems to claim, and even the Queen only has two a year (unless you’re in Australia, in which case she has at least three).

What do they want you to do? Well, funny you should ask:

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Limited quantities of free gifts, hurry up and click the button!

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You’re now at Myoffers(dot)co(dot)uk, and you’re asked to hand over your name, address and email. If this doesn’t float your boat (and I’m hoping it wouldn’t), that’s okay – there are plenty more offers to be had!

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The one above looks a bit more Facebook-ish, and fires a couple of totally generic and slightly rubbish questions at you of the “are you male / female”, “do you like social networks” variety.

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You’re then asked to hand over your mobile number and email address.

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Not sure I’ll be signing up to this one anytime soon, especially as the Site Advisor user reviews are so positive. I do like the sound of more birthdays though…

Christopher Boyd