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A number of Internet monitoring systems have detected that Internet traffic is again flowing in Egypt:

The folks at Opera reported this morning that their Opera Mini servers were again seeing traffic from Egypt.

Google’s transparency report shows traffic back up.

And James Cowie reported on the blog that “All major Egyptian ISPs appear to have readvertised routes to their domestic customer networks in the global routing table…” he said major sites were again reachable there with the exception of some universities. was one of the first sources to report the initial outage.

Some issues this outage has raised:
— What kind of planning can individuals and enterprises do to be ready for similar outages in the future?

— Is there a net neutrality issue here that has some practical solution?

— Is the dial-up modem going to have a second life?

We can be sure that the effects of this five-day, countrywide outage is going to be seriously studied. Question number one: what was the economic loss?

Tom Kelchner