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Zango is now bundling a viewer called “Eyetide”.  This is a bit perplexing, since in the past, Zango had relied on the DRM capabilities in Windows Media Player for viewing videos and the like.  Now, they are installing this new viewer.

Nowhere is it disclaimed that this viewer is downloaded, btw.  You simply get it by clicking on something like Jessica Simpson in the News.


The typical Zango install screen, and then BOINK here comes Eyetide:


When asked about Eyetide, a 180Solutions representative said that Eyetide was merely one of their partners.

Alex Eckelberry

Update: I just got this from a 180 spokesperson:

“…since Eyetide is a partner of ours, a collection of their screensavers is made available to the Zango network of users. The user must have the Eyetide Viewer component in order for the Eyetide application to work so it is included in the download. As you likely noticed in the “Jessica Simpson in the News” screensaver download, you not only had to accept the Zango UCI, but you also had to accept the Eyetide terms before the download would complete.  Likely what led to your confusion is if you clicked on the “Jessica Simpson in the News” icon in the “What’s New” section of our homepage, you do not get the additional text that explains that it is a screensaver…this is a technical bug that we’re currently in the process of straightening out. If you go to this page on our website and scroll down to the “Jessica Simpson in the News” download, you’ll see how it is supposed to expand to provide more info”