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The Royal Wedding is going to spring into action on the 29th April, and Fake AV scans are starting to show up in relation to the “Big Day”. As a result, you might want to think twice before looking for jellybeans bearing the visage of Kate Middleton or strange turnips that look a bit like the future King of England when held at the right angle.

The culprit here is our search engine “friend” from this entry regarding Easter card searches.

Rummaging around for Royal Wedding sites will start off well enough, with a collection of normal looking search engine results:

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Clicking those links could be hazardous to your health, as redirects to fake AV sites such as documentscannerprotectionfree(dot)com will swing into action.

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In this instance, XP Antispyware will be the prize awarded to anybody not running in the opposite direction.

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There are also search results leading to Fake AV when hunting for wedding dresses, and you bet that pretty much every search term under the Sun between now and the wedding day will be a target for SEO poisoning.

Weddings, eh?

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Patrick Jordan for finding this one).