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There’s a new movie coming out from Warner Brothers that looks like fun, about a family that has had their identity compromised.  But they picked the wrong guy (Harrison Ford), because he’s fighting back.

Security companies will rejoice at the new found sales opportunities. However, the premise is apparently that the hero got hacked, and the bad guys got personal information which enabled them to kidnap his kids.  HUH?  Well, hate to break it to Hollywood, but you don’t need to breach a firewall to do this…

In other words, this looks like a standard “bad guys try to mess with hero’s family/country/life/etc., the hero fights back” kind of story, with a technology hook. 


Just looking at the trailer, I didn’t see a lot of hokey graphics—the kind of stupid Hollywood stuff that drives me nuts when I’m sitting through a movie. I’m sure technically it’s got blindspots but we’ll have to wait and see when the movie comes out.  

Link to the trailer here.


Alex Eckelberry