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If you’ve followed the hype lately about Flock, chances are your interest is piqued. BusinessWeek recently wrote about it (link here) and there has been some buzz out there.

But no Flock yet.

Curious, I went to their website and signed up for notifications on the product. Yesterday, I got an email offering a “Developer Preview”, which I promptly downloaded. It’s available now — if you want to download it, go to their page.

Well, it is buggy but all in all, a nice browser. It’s mozilla based, but with a bunch of extras oriented around things like, blogging and flickr. In other words, it’s very much in the current zeitgeist of the internet.

I’ve only given it a quick whirl but it’s nice. 


Flock has that Nordic icy look so popular in modern browsers.


The Shelf feature is nifty — you just grab pics into it and then can drag them into a blog post.


You can write blogs right in Flock, and grab text and graphics from web pages, which are inserted automatically.

Feel free to give it a whirl.


Alex Eckelberry