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iPhone: I’m sick of people bashing the iPhone already. It’s a damned cool phone. I admit I have some pet peeves, like the fact that it runs on Cingular (I’m on T-Mobile) and the built-in battery. But darn it, Apple did an impressive job with this phone.

The death of BlueRay? A straw poll of the porn industry shows that the preferred format is HD-DVD. Regardless of your feeling about porn, refusing to service this market may very well be the death knell for the BlueRay format, despite Sony’s massive film library. The race is still too close to call, but Sony really needs to open up here.

Amazing children. On one side, I’m blown away by the artistry (it is a must see video). On the other, I’m a little unnerved at this video of children parading in North Korea (what happens if they screw up, are they sent for “re-education”, never to return?). Or, they just starve.

Alex Eckelberry